Never dim your Light

Our candles are hand-made from the highest quality, eco-friendly and vegan coconut wax and essential oils. The original poetry on each candle are powerful reminders of faith, self-love and inspiration.

We make each candle with the intention of it being more than just a product. AromaPoetry is centered on a self-development lifestyle. We aim to help you find your own Light
so that it can guide you to your purpose. Our mission is to give the world a candle that not only smells good, but more importantly, makes you feel good.

These candles make great home accents, amazing additions to your meditation or yoga practice, and the best gifts.

Location: Washington DC/Northern VA

Tahmina Safi

Creator of AromaPoetry

Tahmina has been writing poetry and prose since she was a child as a means of expressing herself and self-therapy. Over the last decade, she has immersed herself in self-development and spirituality to help find balance with her mental health. She is passionate about self-care to raise your vibration. She wants anyone who ever felt alone, silenced, misunderstood or struggled with self-love to become their Higher Self and she hopes her words and her candles can be just one step in that direction.

Aside from candle-making and writing, Tahmina loves dancing, pop culture, reading, interior decorating, the arts, yoga, health, wellness and traveling. She is a super-fan of all things from the 80s and Justin Timberlake. She enjoys the simple things in life like conversation over coffee, good music, a great view, being in nature, books, meditating and her home.

"I had to let go of everything I thought I knew,
in order to become someone new"
-Tahmina Safi