Never dim your Light

AromaPoetry was born from the mind of Tahmina Safi, CEO, poet and crafter. Tahmina always had a passion for writing, interior decorating and spiritual self-care. In 2018, Tahmina decided to pick up candle-making and bring all 3 of her passions together and AromaPoetry was born.

The candles are hand-made locally in the DMV area from all natural coconut wax with small amounts of beeswax. We are eco-friendly and use recyclable glass jars and zinc-free cotton wicks. Our scents are blended from essential oils. No harsh fragrances, no color dyes. Adding Tahmina’s original poetry to match the theme of each candle is what really sets them apart. The messages on each candle remind us to have faith and love ourselves while creating an ambiance of peace, joy and relaxation.

These candles make great home accents, amazing additions to your meditation or yoga practice, and the best gifts.

Location: Washington DC/Northern VA

Tahmina Safi

CEO of AromaPoetry

Tahmina was born into an Afghan family in northern New Jersey in the 80s. She currently resides in the DC area. Growing up, Tahmina was highly sensitive (HSP), although she didn't realize that until much later. She felt confused by her sensitive nature, so she took to writing from the age of 7 to release all of her emotions. As she grew up, this all transformed into anxiety and bouts of depression. A vital part of her 'self-care' time to process all of her thoughts and feelings was to be alone in her room, candles were a must and always lit while she read poetry and wrote it. Because of her experiences with mental and emotional health, Tahmina became obsessed with self-development and spirituality. In 2012, Tahmina learned about the law of attraction which led her to learn about the Chakra energy system. This was the first step to trying all different types of meditations, in which she many times felt connections with the Divine and emotional releases. In 2016, Tahmina took this therapeutic hobby of writing and started sharing it with the world via Instagram. In 2017, Tahmina received her Reiki attunement and started trying all kinds of energy healing, including Shamanic. The world of the cosmos, astrology, vibrational energy, ayurvedic medicine, crystals, and Universal laws completely changed Tahmina from fearful and timid to her Higher Self: faithful and confident. She wants anyone else who ever felt alone, silenced and misunderstood to be able to do the same and she hopes her words and her candles can be just one step in that direction.
Aside from this, Tahmina has a passion for dancing, pop culture, reading, interior decorating, the arts and traveling. She is a superfan of Justin Timberlake, green smoothies and chocolate. Although she is an empath at her core, she is pretty sarcastic and witty when you meet her. She is currently working on her first poetry book to be published.

"I had to let go of everything I thought I knew,
in order to become someone new"
-Tahmina S.