Never dim your Light

Our candles are hand-made from all natural, high quality coconut wax. Coconut wax is the most eco-friendly wax you can use. It burns slower than soy, with a stronger scent throw. The aroma comes from beneficial essential oils. We use recyclable glass jars and cotton wicks that are free of lead and zinc. No harsh fragrances, no color dyes. Our look is minimalist and clean so that they match any setting you put it in. They are vegan, good for the environment and burn smooth. Adding original poetry to match the theme of each candle is what really sets us apart. The messages on each candle remind us to have faith, feel inspired and love ourselves while creating an ambiance of fun, peace, joy and relaxation.

We make each candle with the intention of it being more than just a product. AromaPoetry is centered on a self-development lifestyle. We aim to help you find your own Light
so that it can guide you to your purpose. Our mission is to give the world a candle that not only smells good, but makes you feel good too. .

These candles make great home accents, amazing additions to your meditation or yoga practice, and the best gifts.

Location: Washington DC/Northern VA

Tahmina Safi

Creator of AromaPoetry

Tahmina was born into an Afghan family in northern New Jersey in the 80s. She currently resides in the DC area with her husband.

Growing up, Tahmina was a highly sensitive person (HSP) so she took to writing from the age of 7 to release all of her emotions. As she got older, she developed anxiety and introversion, so her self-care time became a necessity for her to keep balanced. This consisted of lighting candles and reading/writing poetry. Because of her experiences with mental and emotional health, Tahmina immersed herself in self-development and spirituality. In 2012, Tahmina learned about the law of attraction which led her to read about the Chakra energy system. This was the first step to trying all different types of meditation and energy healing practices. The world of the cosmos, astrology, vibrational energy, ayurvedic medicine, and Universal laws completely changed Tahmina. In 2017, Tahmina picked up candle-making as a hobby and fell so in love with it that by 2018, AromaPoetry was launched. She is passionate about self-care to increase self-love and raise your vibration. She wants anyone who ever felt alone, silenced, misunderstood or struggled with self-love to become their Higher Self and she hopes her words and her candles can be just one step in that direction.

Aside from this, Tahmina loves dancing, pop culture, reading, interior decorating, the arts, yoga, health and traveling. She is a super-fan of all things 80's and Justin Timberlake. She enjoys the simple things in life like coffee, good music, one on one conversations, a great view, being in nature, books, tv/movies and her home.

"I had to let go of everything I thought I knew,
in order to become someone new"
-Tahmina S.