Self Care is Self Love

The Power of Poetry

"Poetry is above all a concentration of the power of language, which is the power of our ultimate relationship to everything in the Universe"-Adrienne Rich

What you speak, you become. The words we put into our heads shape our reality and the words we say to others can help shape theirs. Think of Dr. Emoto's water experiment. That is why the words we read can alter our thoughts and/or emotions. Poetry, specifically, tends to hit the emotions first because that is what true art does. When feelings are touched before the mind, it can change us on a molecular level. Poetry has the power to alter your state of being.

The Purpose of Meditation

"Meditation is a must before you can really love. One should be capable of being alone, utterly alone, and yet tremendously blissful. Then you can love" -Osho

Types of Meditation and their purpose:
-Visualization > Manifesting your dreams and goals
-Kundalini (Sahaja) > raising energy to connect with the Divine
-Sound frequency/baths > Using HZ to raise your vibration
-Body scanning/breathwork > Become present and mindful
-Mantra Meditations > Go into a deep state of positivity
-Chakra balancing guided meditation > Heal and open chakras

The Healing of Aroma

'No idea is conceived in our mind independent of our five senses"-Albert Einstein

How Inhaling Essential Oils (Scents) Benefits Us:
The olfactory system-
The olfactory system includes all physical organs or cells relating to, or contributing to, the sense of smell. Airborne molecules inhaled through the nose or mouth are carried to the lungs and interact with the respiratory system. Thus, inhaled essential oils can affect the body through several systems and pathways.
Interaction with the limbic system (emotional brain)
During inhalation, odor molecules travel through the nose and affect the brain through a variety of receptor sites, one of which is the limbic system, which is commonly referred to as the "emotional brain." The limbic system is directly connected to those parts of the brain that control heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress levels, and hormone balance.  This relationship helps explain why smell often triggers emotions. Knowing this, we can hypothesize how inhalation of essential oils can have some very profound physiological and psychological effects!

Scent also triggers memory. Once you light our candles and allow the aroma to fill your space, you'll read the inspiring words on each jar. Now, every time you smell this scent, your emotions will be ignited with delight in remembrance of the poetry.