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Solar Plexus-Know your Power

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(ORDER NOW-AVAILABLE TO SHIP 09/08/22!) The Solar Plexus Chakra is our 3rd Chakra, located above the navel and below the ribs. It is linked to our personal power, control, intellect, clarity, personal identity, and confidence. A person with a balanced and strong solar plexus will know who they are and not budge on their core values, with high self-esteem and kindness towards others. Our Know Your Power candle is for those who love a fresh yet earthy scent. It has beautiful blend of smooth lemon , sharp cedar, and peppery ginger to help you gain back your power. Size: 15oz ; Burn Time: 70 Hours


There is fire burning beneath

your ribs, do you still not know that you

breathe out Light?

Coconut Wax, Lemon, Ginger, Cedar