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Heart-Connect with Love

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The heart chakra is our 4th chakra, located at our chest center. It represents our openness to love, our connection to others, self-love, and our relationships. This is a very important energy center, as it is the center of all 7 main chakras, and bridges the earthly and spiritual aspirations. A balanced heart chakra will allow you to give and receive love freely, to forgive, and to feel compassion for yourself and others. Our Connect With Love candle is for those who love the classic rose/floral scents. It offers a delicate blend of satiny rose, buttery sandalwood and refreshing ylang-ylang to help keep your heart open. Size: 15oz; Burn Time: 70 Hours


Those walls that protect your heart

from hurt are the same walls that

block your heart from healing

Coconut Wax, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood