What Self-Care Really Looks Like

We are halfway through SelfCare Awareness Month and I wanted to talk about what exactly self-care means. A lot of people hear it and think massages, manis/pedis, face and hair masks and bubble baths. Yes, these are all beneficial, but true caring for your soul and mental health is protecting your energy. It is doing what feels good,it is discipline and not allowing what feels draining.

If you are often fatigued, unmotivated, irritable, and/or anxious, chances are you aren't taking care of yourself the way your individual Spirit needs. Self-care can be generalized when it comes to physical care, but it is more narrow and specific when it comes to caring for your own personal energy. If you are someone whose energy increases by talking to loved ones daily, then be mindful of that. If you are someone who is recharged from a lot of alone time, then make sure you get it. Chances are you know exactly what helps you feel like your best self, but you do not prioritize taking those steps. The 'no time', 'no energy' and 'no point' rules are for those who lack true self-love at their cores. Those who have mastered their lives will all tell you they make time for their self-care daily.

I, for example, know I am my best when I meditate, exercise, cook at home and eat clean/healthy, get lots of alone time, read, light candles, have some tea, do some work towards all of my goals, have a clean, minimal space and get really good sleep daily. On a weekly basis, I will do face masks, salt baths, make time for a creative hobby go out into nature and see loved ones. On a bi-weekly or monthly basis, I will treat myself to a shopping day, massage and mani/pedis. As for an overall energy protection, I say no to what I do not want to do, I limit time with or cut off who I do not want to see, I always make time to learn new things and I make sure I do not consume too much TV/phone/computer time, especially things I know will not benefit me. This is how I thrive. This is how I show myself love. This is how I love others better.

This world has made us all consumed with work we don't find fulfillment in, excessive screen time and mental fatigue. If we do not prioritize being mindful and intentional in our days, we are just allowing ourselves to become unhappy. Your soul will begin to feel you do not listen to it and will cause constant inner conflict within you. It is in listening to your inner Essence that you find true peace of mind.

So, start now. It's a new week, almost a new season and really, any new moment is a new opportunity to start over. Take time for yourself today and everyday. Light a candle and dive into caring for your Spirit.

Love and Light,

Tahmina Safi

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