Universal Energy Update-Full Blue Moon-October 31st, 2020

This full moon is called the Blue Moon, not because of it's color, but because it is the 2nd full moon in the same month, which doesn't happen often at all, hence the phrase 'once in a blue moon.' It's been over 2 years since the last one in March 2018, and over 75 years since the last on on Samhain, better known as Halloween. Samhain is actually an ancient Celtic pagan festival celebratng the inevitability of death and rebirth. It is believed to be when the veil between the material and spiritual worlds is at its thinnest. The Full Moon itself is in fixed earth sign Taurus while the Sun is in fixed water sign Scorpio. Translation? A LOT of heightened energy.

As I said, right now, the veil between this material world and the spiritual world is thinnest, so the collective is feeling an awakening to something bigger than themelves. However, because the moon is in Taurus, which is the sign most connected to the physical world, we are meant to now embody that spiritual knowing into our bodies and life. How? Well, the phrase 'just listen to your body' is coming into play a lot now because we are meant to trust our inner voice, our own intuition. This means, do the work on yourself and on your goals with an inner knowing, an inner peace, connecting to the Higher Power instead of doing it with force and impatience, out of touch with the Divine. You have been doing the work, shadow and light, and you know what is right for you. It 's time to release from uncertainty and integrate that Spiritual compass into your physical body so you can access it any time.

Because the sun and moon are in fixed signs that love their routines and structure, we are feeling that resistance at a high level right now. The Universe is finally bringing the high tide of changes we all have asked for and have been working towards for months. It's been preparing us for a while for all of our desires, and now, with this moon phase, it is shaking all attachment and doubt that doesn't align out of us.

I know a theme in my own life, especially this past week, has been letting go of my 'to-do lists' and my 'I have to be productive to an exhaustive measure attitude.' Look, I treasure my to-do lists and how organized I am. I love to write and this means I love to write everything down. I have planners, a different notebook for each category and project, and whiteboards all over my house. This is not a trait I am changing in myself, but moreso I am being pushed to release from the dependance on having to do everything I write down everyday in order to feel fulfilled. I wrote down 'leg day' for the gym earlier this week but my body was beggning me to do yoga cause it had been so long, Usually, when I ignore this intuitive feeling, I end up gettng so tired and actually sick because I worked myself harder than I coulf handle. But, this time, I listened and my body thanked me and I felt healthy and rejuvenated. I had written 'deep clean house' but my body (aka Spirit) was telling 'you'll be fine just doing the laundry' so I did, and the next day, my building management had sent a cleaning service to our apartment as a gift. Your body knows because your soul knows-listen.

Socially, I have been feeling like I am missing out and doing too much of either work or resting, so I made dinner plans out of a feeling of necessity but when the day came, intuitively, it just did not feel like the right time. Usually, I'd feel guilty but I cancelled, and turns out, my friends felt the same. All love, all through trusting myself.
So, you see, we are being pushed to become more fluidly disciplined rather than fearfully controlling. There is a fine line between pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones, which is needed for change, and pushing ourselves too hard, which is counterproductive.

Lastly, a theme going on this year, and that we are all feeling right now, is the dying down of the Universal Divine Masculine energy and bringing in more of the Divine Feminine. 2020 brought a lot of slowing down, for better or worse, into the collective, especially when it came to work. Divine Masculine is all about providing, doing, work and action. We were all forced to slow down this year. Through it, we brought in more of that nurturing feminine energy to ourselves. The Divine Feminine is also more about flow, mindfulness and trust. She allows for receiving, help and support from the Divine. Again, this all ties into an uplift in the collective consciousness, especially relating to surrendering to God's plans.

Use this energy to journal what you want to release that keeps you from flowing and trusting your inner compass. Balance the energy with your usual Full Moon rituals like salt baths, burning sage, lighting candles and meditating. Hydrate extra, eat light, drink herbal teas before bed and do all things cozy-reading, light-hearted movies, etc. Also, since the moon will be in Taurus and Taurus is all about engaging the senses, using them more right now will help you feel good. Cook, create, smell, and listen to music-especially feel good tunes. I've had Fleetwood Mac radio or Prince radio on with everyting I do this week and it's helping keeping me grounded and calm. As for creating, I have been ordering random DIY kits since most of what I do for creativity has become work (ie writing, crafting, etc), I consciously make time for things I can do using my hands that are pure fun. I made a dream catcher a few weeks ago, have been trying new recipes for dinner, and also tried acrylic painting!

Happy Full Moon-ing!

Love and Light,

Tahmina Safi

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