Throat Chakra

Chakras are our energy centers, connecting our physical bodies to the astral body. In simple terms, they draw in energy to keep the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health of the body in balance. There are hundreds of energy centers, but 7 vital ones that we will be discussing in this series.

Our Throat Chakra is considered 5th and located right at the center of the front of our neck. It is associated with the color blue and expression in all forms. It's properties are:

  • Physical: Throat, thyroid, mouth, teeth, tongue, jaw, and ears.
  • Mental/Emotional/Spiritual: Sound, communication, speech, writing and thought expression. The Throat chakra is connected to the lower chakras, allowing us to speak our expressions of safety, desire, creativity/emotion and love. It is also connected to the upper chakras so that we share our truth as a means of aligning to our higher purpose.

To open and heal your throat chakra, here are some tips:

  • Practice mindfulness. This can be through meditation by doing a body scan, and seeing where you hold tension. When you get to the throat, imagine a beam of light shining into your throat and loosening it. You can even say "om" and let it vibrate into your throat center. It can also be as simple as taking a moment a few times a day to release the tension you are holding in your face, neck and mouth..Relax those muscles, unclench your jaw and let your tongue loosen from the roof of your mouth.
  • Though process- stop overthinking what you say. When you are in conversation, engage. Do this by actually listening to the other person, rather than being in your head, worrying about what you will say next. When you express yourself to anyone verbally, always be aware that it comes from a loving, peaceful place. This doesn't mean be a pushover, it just means to remain kind no matter what. This goes for more than your voice. Be genuine in what you wear, how you show up, what you listen to, etc. Is what you are wearing what you truly like, or what is in "style"? Is the music you listen to really feeding your soul, or just what everyone else listens to? Is what you say what you truly think? Or what you have been conditioned to believe? Ask yourself these questions until you make a habit of being who you really are, in all aspects.
  • Sing. In the shower, in the car, whenever. Singing is a great way to open your throat chakra.
  • Write & journal your thoughts and feelings. Also, create, In any way. You know those things you have always been drawn to? That is tied to your higher purpose. Whether you love doing makeup or building furniture, do these as much as you can. This is a healthy expression of who you are.
  • Affirmations: "I communicate with ease. My voice is heard. My voice matters. I am aligned to my purpose and share it with the world. I express myself freely and openly. I am genuine in my expression. I show up as who I truly am. I communicate honestly, with love and peace. I speak freely. I am real."
  • Aromatherapy: Soothing, fresh essential oils are best for the throat chakra. Check out our "Express your Truth" Throat Chakra candle blends chamomile, geranium and cypress for a fresh, comforting aroma. Check it out here:
  • To avoid an overactive Throat Chakra, stop being overcritical of yourself and others. Expecting too much and being too hard on others will disturb the energy of this chakra center. When you are too hasty, overly blunt and loud and obnoxious, you need to step back and balance so that you can become more understanding and patient in your expression.

"You are a stranger
to yourself until
you can express
yourself as
you are"
-Tahmina Safi

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