Small Steps Lead to Big Results

Do you often find that productivity and completion of projects give you a sense of joy? Without work and movement, you become anxious or unmotivated? Well, you aren't alone. Chances are that most of the world feels this way, especially us millennials. I'm here to remind you there is nothing wrong with that. Having purpose, intention and goals make life worth living. However, when you feel you must always be on the rise to feel successful, that is when it becomes unhealthy.

I have learned a big lesson since last year about this. For so long, I had this expectation from myself that I always need to be accomplishing big things and always need to have something going on in relation to my life, goals and brand. If I didn't, I felt I was so behind or failing and would force myself to do things or just drive myself into a hole of self-pity because of it. Obviously, social media doesn't help with this. In fact, it probably is one of the main reasons our generation feels we are never doing enough. Seeing everyone posting their new products, achievements, lavish lifestyles, fit bodies, marriages, kids, etc. really distorts our expectations of ourselves.

Look, I love social media. I have been able to reach people all around the world because of it. I have been able to connect to artists and people who have inspired me. I use it as a platform for my creativity. However, if you become lost in it past that, it can definitely filter out what life really is, which is a whole lot of nothingness and uncertainty, and focus only on what life can sometimes be, which is success and joy. Since my spiritual awakening and healing, I am generally a happy person. More importantly, I am always at peace. Yet, most of my days are filled with daily routines in my workout clothes or pajamas, running errands and sitting behind my computer and phone. Nothing exciting, just the simplicity of everyday life. I have anxious days, depressed days and just blah days. Do I post that on my social media? Not really. I post when I'm inspired, launching something new, writing something new, having fun with family and friends, etc. That is only about 15% of the time in my actual life but what others see 100% of the time on social media. However, most days are filled with discipline for me. I make sure to go by my planner and do my workout, eat healthy, meditate as well as do small things regarding my work, like get on that call or test that new product. I include getting rest, self-care and a lot of sleep as part of being disciplined as well. These small tasks have always led to my desired outcomes, but it took plenty of patience and persistence. I understand that everything I want will come overtime, and not at one exact moment.

I have sat back for six months and just let myself be-something I haven't done in years. I used the time to heal some more, go out and experience life, learn new things ( simple things like a new recipe or ritual), rest, dance, plan and prepare quietly behind the scenes. I let my soul catch up to who I am now by doing things that felt authentic to this moment, and not the past or future. I did this by trying new things with my work, like article writing, learning about being a spiritual coach and bringing new creativity to my platform. I had only been focused on poetry and candles for years and my soul was craving more. We have to realize we have our roots which means we will always love certain things but we are also always evolving so it's good for our spirit to venture out and do different things. Sitting here now, with everything now put into motion but still not manifested, I realized this is one of the biggest lessons I learned and wanted to share it. I am not racing with anyone or in competition with anything. I am simply on my own unique path to my dreams. How magnificent of a blessing is that??

Point being, for all my creatives and dream-chasers out there, this is a reminder: find your purpose, plan on how you will implement it, prepare your life for it and make room for it, then be patient, because once it comes, you will be propelled into it, but it cannot come until you do all of the former. Stop expecting something to happen everyday. We all have our seasons of hibernating,  and then we have our set seasons for coming out to be on the hunt. There will be years of being in the cocoon so that once you break free, you can fly boundlessly. No matter where you are on your journey, just know the idea being born in your mind means it will be birthed into your life eventually. Trust how your path unfolds with the support of Divine timing. Find joy in the the little accomplishments of the day, like finishing your workout, sending out that email and finally getting that load of clothes out the dryer! The more gratitude you put into your little moments, the more you will have big moments to be grateful for.

Love and Light,

Tahmina Safi

"Your life doesn't suddenly transform

from one big choice,

it slowly evolves one small decision

at a time"


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