New Moon-May 22nd, 2020

The New Moon will peak at 1:39PM EST on May 22nd in Gemini.

The New Moon occurs approximately every 28 days and appears invisible to us. This is because this is when the moon is between the earth and the sun, and its illuminated side is facing away from us. The moon lands in the constellation of Gemini, along with the sun. Both of them aligning in the same constellation means massive increased energy and vitality over the weekend for us.

New moons are times for new beginnings, and intention setting. So much is changing under the surface (or even right in your face) every day for us. Although you may feel like everything is the exact same for you as last month, it never is. There have likely been so many new things and lessons you have learned, small battles you have won and numerous emotions you have gone through since then. This doesn't happen without some shifts within you.

For example, on the last new moon on April 22nd, I had set intentions to become more aware and mindful when I am socializing. I wrote this down in my journal before meditating. Let me give you a background, so you can understand the beauty of how our intentions unfold:

I am a loner at heart, with a past of social anxiety and introversion at my core, and I cherish that. I have learned the past year, however, that we cannot learn how much we have grown in our solitude until we are around others. It is all a balancing act. So, ironically, this year was supposed to be the year I say yes more and go out, open to new experiences and people. I felt ready after going through the dark phase of my spiritual awakening the last couple of years. The Universe, however, had other plans. I somehow found ways to still try and connect with friends during this social distancing. More meaningful ways, even, than the previous going out to dinner and drinks. It's crazy how the Divine still supports us in our goals, by giving us more of what we need than what we think we want. My intention was to be more social so that I can connect more, not just to "party." So, with everything closed, I was going on nature walks and hikes, even being on the phone more which I always hated, forcing me to actually go deeper with people. Through this, I became hyper aware of how I responded and felt around others. There was something in me that always felt I had to be ready to say the next thing, so as not to have an awkward silence, which meant I had to come back to talking about myself a lot. I also noticed because this made me be in my head to think about what I needed to respond with, I was less present, and also would lose my train of thought a lot. It made me realize I still had a piece of my social anxiety deep in me, so worried about saying the wrong thing, or thinking silence would be the death of me.

So, when I meditated on the new moon in April, I set an intention to let this feeling go and to be more present in my conversations, and let things flow more. I set an intention to truly connect more, and realize I can only do so by truly listening, without worrying about my next move. All of this helped me become more conscious and mindful, and this last weekend, when talking to friends, I was able to put it in play, without even planning it or realizing that it was happening in accordance to my intention.

My point in sharing this is to show you, that if you put something out there, believe, and let it go, it will most definitely unfold. It may be so silent that you have to truly pay attention to notice. You see, on the outside, everything in my life appears the same. Most days, I even feel I am in the same unmotivated, heavy mood I'm always in, but things have definitely changed. You can do this at any time, but New Moons are times of amplified energy in the cosmos to support you.

This week, you may have been feeling the "dark moon phase" (the few days before the new moon when the moon slowly is fading from our view). This means you have been OUT of it. You probably can't seem to focus, don't really care if you do on top of it, and/or revisiting an aspect of your past. This part of your past probably isn't bad, though. It may be a part of you that made you feel alive and happy, that you just forgot about and set aside over the years. Pay attention to that, it's meant to be part of your future.

With the new cycle this weekend, oddly enough, the focus will be on communication. We all need to improve on better listening skills and being more open to others point of views. This will help in the global heart opening, with a focus on true connection. Geminis are super expressive, whether they realize it or not. Their throat chakras are strong, and you will always know how they feel in one way or another. A great way to channel this new moon energy in Gemini is to tap into your creative expression-writing, music, etc. This promotes healing around the way you communicate, create and show up in the world. Practice meditation with a focus on the throat chakra, light our Express Your Truth candle - with sound healing on-I love this one.

Happy New Moon! If you have any questions or comments, email at

Love and Light,

Tahmina Safi

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