Heart Chakra

Chakras are our energy centers, connecting our physical bodies to the astral body. In simple terms, they draw in energy to keep the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health of the body in balance. There are hundreds of energy centers, but 7 vital ones that we will be discussing in this series.

Our Heart Chakra is considered 4th, and located right at the center of our chest. It is also the middle chakra between the main 7, connecting our more worldly focused energies (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus) that we already discussed with the more spiritual connected energies (Throat, Third Eye, Crown). As you may guess, it is a powerful energy center, and one that really needs to be focused on for healing in order for all others to remain in harmony. It is associated with the color green. It's properties are:

  • Physical: Heart, Lungs, Blood Pressure, Respiratory, Chest, Arms and Hands
  • Mental/Physical/Spiritual: Love, trust, openness, forgiveness, calmness, kindness, compassion, respect, acceptance, self-love

To open and heal your heart chakra, here are some tips:

  • Meditate, especially mindfulness and breath-work where  you feel yourself breathing into your heart and out to release all anger, resentment and hurt. You can research and begin even on youtube for some guided practices that help.
  • Thought process-a big part of blockages in the Heart Center is pain we hold on to caused by others. We hold onto the sadness, the guilt, the anger, the broken trust deep in this chakra. Whenever an unpleasant thought arises, or anger is triggered, work on shifting your perspective with awareness. Become aware of the feeling shift and how it feels in your heart-usually heavy. Then, start saying "thank you for this lesson, i let it go" over and over in your head until you feel your heart feel lighter. This will train your mind to understand that everyone comes in our life and leaves our life for a reason and we have to trust that.
  • Release it-by talking it out to trusted loved ones, journaling, through your art. Pain is part of life but we are not meant to hold onto it. It is meant to fuel us, to help us create something out of it.
  • Genuine kindness, acceptance, forgiveness and compassion to yourself and others. You know what this looks like, so do it. This doesn't mean being friends with everyone, it just means being understanding, without judgement and accepting people as they are. It means not trying to force or change anything. It means forgiving yourself and others for the past and moving on. It means instead of cutting off coldly, you choose to LOVE from afar. No grudges, no hate, no anger. It means dropping your walls and being vulnerable and human.
  • As always, exercise, dancing, yoga, etc-any kind of movement.
  • Aromatherapy: Floral essential oils. especially rose really help the heart soften. Ylang ylang is also really helpful. Our "Connect with Love" Heart Chakra candle is a great one to check out https://www.aromapoetry.com/product/heart-candle
  • To avoid an overactive Heart Center, make sure you always have healthy boundaries with others. Do not tolerate so much from others that you neglect self-care, and be careful not to become codependent.

    "Those walls that
    block your heart
    from hurt,
    are the same walls
    that block your heart
    from healing.."
    -Tahmina Safi

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