Never dim your Light

Give the Gift of Poetry-Messages from the Universe

If you want a more personalized poem to add in with your candle for a loved one, choose a message below. These messages are from the Universe and meant to find you or your loved one to remind them of whatever it is they need at the time they receive it. We will send the poem on vintage paper in an envelope with room on the back for your own note!


If everything comes from

the Universe,

how could it ever

be a loss?

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Without the cracks

that cut deep into

your heart

every time it breaks,


could never find its

way in

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you keep expecting Sun from

a cloudy sky when all along,

it is You,

who is meant to shine

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You've always

chased the wind,

but it's time

to let it

carry you

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Just as the wolves

were given wool

to weather the winter,

You were given strength

to survive these


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Only concrete was made

to stay the way it is

and where it is,

and you, darling,

were not made from gravel

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