Energy + Soul Reading

Aside from being a poet and crafter, our founder Tahmina Safi has tapped into her Light Worker path over the last few years. She has always been a soul searcher, and has been gifted with an inner knowing since childhood. She has refined and mastered her natural clairvoyant and claircognizant abilities through deep meditation practice, extensive self-education and becoming a certified Reiki practitioner. All her life, she has received messages through her dreams, predicting many things before they happened or messages on things to be aware of, especially for her loved ones. Since diving deep into her soul journey and practicing energy and chakra healing in 2014, she has become more attuned to receiving channeled messages from Spirit and the Divine in waking life as well. She gets most of her readings during and after meditating, but sometimes it is as simple as asking and listening.

Tahmina has been intuitively guided to begin sharing her Light with you all now. She remembers when she was looking for help and answers, and the types of convenience she wanted, she wasn’t able to find. Because of this, she is doing things a little differently. So that each individual can be completely transparent, vulnerable and comfortable, she is doing the reading through a detailed “written reading.”

Once we get the order, you will be emailed a questionnaire. Within a few days, you will receive an energy reading along with spiritual guidance and tips via email with your own personal, comprehensive PDF.

Energy + soul reading

$11.11 (first time rate!)

You will receive a full, comprehensive, prose-style reading on:

  • -Your personal soul and mental traits, behaviors and patterns

  • -Channeled answers to some of your current life questions

  • -Guidance from Spirit on your life path


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